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Facing DUI charges with a prior DUI conviction?

Driving under the influence ( DUI ) laws have been considerably revamped, bolstered, and intensified throughout the past several years. In California, DUI defendants face some of the harshest criminal penalties in the nation. Designed to deter offenders from continuing to get behind the wheel while under the influence of drugs or alcohol, penalties for a first offense are themselves considered quite severe. As such, the penalties you face when charged with a multiple DUI offense can be life-altering.

10 Year Rule
You will be subjected to a multiple DUI charge and heightened penalties if you are charged with a DUI within 10 years of a prior conviction. For the purpose of sentencing, prior wet reckless convictions and out of state DUIs will are also considered prior DUI convictions. This means that if you have been convicted of a wet reckless within the past 10 years, you can face charges for a multiple DUI offense.

Penalties for a Multiple DUI Conviction
Penalties are enhanced for each subsequent conviction. Regardless of the precise offense, all of these charges pose serious criminal penalties that can create long-term, if not life-long, financial burdens and limitations. From harsh license suspensions, large fines and ongoing costs to mandatory minimum terms of imprisonment, second and third DUI penalties can be severe. A fourth DUI conviction within 10 years will be prosecuted as a felony offense, which carries stiff criminal consequences and lengthy terms of imprisonment, depending on the circumstances involved.

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