Your Criminal Defense Lawyer Should Always Be There For You.

Need a criminal defense attorney? Then you will probably want all of their attention. You don't need to be handed off to the rookie out of law school and you certainly don't need to be speaking to a paralegal. Your freedom is on the line here, so you need an attorney that has the time to talk to you and make sure that you are receiving the best possible legal counsel.

Choose an Attorney Who Will be There from the Start to the Conclusion.

Criminal cases require a fair amount of work and research. A lot of lawyers will pass their cases off to a new attorney in their office or a lesser experienced one after you have signed a contract with their office. A lawyer who will remain present throughout the whole case will be able to pick up on things that others might miss because they are not as familiar with the circumstances behind the case. An attorney who works the whole case also will be your best bet at getting a better plea deal from the prosecution. The longer your attorney is on the case, the better your odds are, and when it comes to your freedom you want the best odds possible.

Another thing that lawyers like to do is to pass you off to a paralegal or a secretary when you have a question. Don't settle for that sort of treatment. You hired a criminal defense lawyer. They should be the one who talks to you. Contact us for attentive, caring criminal defense services in the Temecula, Murrieta, Menifee, Wildomar, Lake Elsinore, Perris, Banning, Hemet, Corona, Winchester and Riverside areas.

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