Riverside, Fontana Men Accused of ATM Robbery Ring

Two Riverside County-area men were arrested recently on suspicion of robbery.

The men, a 38-year-old Riverside resident and a 25-year-old Fontana resident, are accused of orchestrating a chain of 15 thefts and attempted thefts from ATMs across a three-county area over the past six months.

On Friday, Sept. 26, the U.S. Attorney's Office charged the men with an attempted robbery in Murrieta in which the suspects used power tools and a vehicle to try to break open a drive-up ATM in the 40600 block of California Oaks Road. Supposedly, the suspects in that incident used power tools to access and ATM and then tried to use a truck to hoist the ATM, which contained around $130,000, out of its fixture. Ultimately, they were unsuccessful.

The men were arraigned Oct. 15. (If there are any interesting developments, we will consider a follow-up post.)

Now, any theft is serious, of course, but these men are accused of taking hundreds of thousands of dollars over the course of several incidents in three counties. Those factors makes their case much more dire.

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