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If you have been arrested in Murrieta, Temecula, Menifee, Lake Elsinore or any of the surrounding cities of Riverside County, you could be facing heavy penalties and strict fines. We understand that this time in your life can be upsetting and confusing. You may be wondering where to turn and who to turn to. This is where we can help! The Law Office of Nic Cocis is here to offer legal guidance and counsel to those accused of criminal offenses, including DUI and juvenile matters. We have successfully defended hundreds of adults and minors since 1999 and pride ourselves in being one of Riverside County's premier criminal defense offices. We are exceptionally knowledgeable with the laws governing criminal defense and are familiar with the judges and prosecutors of Riverside County's judicial system. The moment you secure our representation, we will review your case and inform you of your rights and legal options. We will address each of your concerns and answer each of your questions in order to help you obtain the peace of mind that you deserve.

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  • Office Manager Accused of Grand Theft and Embezzlement Probation & House Arrest
  • Off-Duty Police Captain Investigated For Threatening to Shoot Individual Misdemeanor "Disturbance of the Peace"
  • 4th-time DUI While On Probation for 2nd and 3rd-time DUI In-custody rehab. Avoided years of prison time.
  • Felony Vandalism Involving "Hollywood Madam" Heidi Fleiss Misdemeanors Dismissed. Felony Reduced
  • Church Pastor Arrested for Demonstrating at DMV Not Guilty
  • Trafficking 2000 lbs. (1 ton) of Marijuana and Child Endangerment Marijuana Charge Dismissed
  • Book Author's Akita Dog Bit 3 Year Old Child, Causing Major Injuries Probation and house arrest. Avoided prison
  • Lt. Commander Charged in Federal Case for Felony Receipt of Child Pornography Reduced Sentence
  • Firefighter Arrested for Child Endangerment and Child Molest Charges Not Filed By Prosecutor
  • Federal Bank Burglary Worth as Much as $6 Million Sentenced to 3 years and 1 month
  • High-School Basketball Coach Accused of Sex Offense Offense Reduced and Avoided Registration
  • Off-Duty Sheriff's Deputy Charged with Felony Assault with Deadly Weapon Reduced to Misdemeanor and Saved Career
  • DEA Intercepted Phone Calls Led To Arrest For Transportation of 5 Pounds of Meth Probation and Caltrans work. Avoided prison.
  • Registered Nurse Arrested for 5 Felonies. Nurse Was Married To Captain in Armed Forces, Whose Security Clearance Was At Stake All Felonies Dismissed
  • Felony Commercial Bribery at Casino Reduced to Misdemeanor
  • Off-Duty CHP Officer Arrested For Lewd Act & Sexual Battery On Teenage Neighbor Trial Resulted in Hung-Jury and Later Dismissed.
  • Fireman Arrested for Domestic Violence No Charges Filed
  • 10 Days of Round-the-Clock Surveillance Of Client's House Ended With SWAT Team Entering To Search For Illegal Guns Case dismissed
  • Felony Domestic Violence by Member of Armed Forces Dismissed
  • Possession of $500,000 In Cash With Intent To Purchase Cocaine Reduced Prison Time
  • Embezzlement of $250,000 by Bookkeeper Dismissed
  • Off-Duty Sheriff's Deputy Arrested For Pointing His Gun At Two Individuals During Verbal Argument Rights Protected
  • Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) Charged With 12 Counts Of Fraudulent Use of Employer Credit Card Dismissed
  • 3rd DUI While on Probation for 2nd DUI Avoided Lengthy Jail Sentence
  • DNA Linked to Rape and Kidnap, Faced Sentence of 50-Years to Life Reduced to 8 Years Imprisonment
  • Possession of 640 lbs. of Marijuana with Intent to Sell Probation and house arrest. Avoided prison.
  • Registered Nurse Arrested Twice For Possession Of Cocaine With Intent To Sell Case Dismissed. Other Case Reduced.
  • Bar Fight Resulted In Felony Assault Causing Great Bodily Injury Reduced to Misdemeanor Battery; Avoided Prison
  • Armed With Firearm While In Possession of 160 lbs. of Marijuana Dismissed
  • Auto Theft Ring Caught By "Sting Operation" Avoided lengthy prison sentence
  • DUI with Severe Injuries - $1.6 Million in Damages Substantial Reduction of Restitution
  • Young Adult Accused of Felony Sex Offenses Probation and Avoided Registration
  • Felony Hit and Run After Major Accident Reduced to Misdemeanor and Avoided Prison
  • Embezzlement of $212,000 by Treasurer Probation & House Arrest
  • Felony DUI Accident That Resulted in Injuries Probation & House Arrest. Avoided Prison.
  • Teacher Charged with Felony Welfare Fraud & Perjury Reduced to Misdemeanor
  • Store Owner Charged With Felony Assault Resulting in Bodily Injury After Fighting With Thief Reduced to Misdemeanor
  • Marine Sergeant Arrested for Felony Domestic Violence Reduced to Misdemeanor and Career was Saved
  • Robbery of Fast-Food Restaurant & False Imprisonment Avoided Substantial Prison Sentence
  • 500 Marijuana Plants And 100 lbs. Of Marijuana With Intent to Sell Criminal Charges Not Filed
  • 4 Felony Welfare Fraud Charges Felonies Dismissed. Convicted of 1 Misdemeanor.
  • High School Teacher Accused of Sexting With Student Avoided life-time registration as Sex Offender.
  • $360,000 in Asset Forfeiture From Burglary DA's Office Ordered to Return Money to Victims
  • Foreign Tourist Arrested for Domestic Violence No Charges Filed
  • Reckless Driving Resulting in Car Rollover Reduced to Speeding Ticket
  • Arrest for Threats to Blow-up Police Station No Charges Filed
  • Sentenced to 30 Years-to-Life for Possession With Intent to Sell Resentenced Under New Law and Released
  • Military Wife Charged with Domestic Violence Dismissed
  • Boyfriend Charged With Sex Offense Involving His Minor Girlfriend Reduced to "Disturbance of the Peace"
  • Marine Sergeant charged with DUI Reduced to Wet-Reckless
  • Domestic Violence While on Military Base Case Dismissed
  • Felony Welfare Fraud & Perjury Fraud Reduced to Misdemeanor & Perjury Dismissed
  • 4 Felony Insurance Fraud Charges Reduced to Infraction and Misdemeanor
  • Off-Duty Sheriff's Deputy Arrested for Felony Domestic Violence and Felony Negligent Discharge of a Firearm House Arrest - Avoided Lengthy Prison Sentence
  • Felony DUI and Accident Resulting in Injuries Avoided Prison Sentence
  • Bookkeeper Arrested for Theft of $330,000 From High School Probation and One Year Custody. Avoided Prison.
  • Church Pastor Faced Criminal Charges for Violating COVID-19 Regulations Case Dismissed

    In a first of its kind criminal prosecution in California, a church pastor was charged with a misdemeanor after hosting an outdoor worship and baptism service on the beach near the Huntington Beach pier.

  • Client Faced Upwards of 30 Years in Prison After Arrest for Possession of 540 Pounds of Cocaine Prison Sentence Shortened by Many Years
  • Possession of 320 Pounds of Marijuana with Intent to Sell Two Charges Dismissed and Avoided any Jailtime.
  • FBI Arrested Client for Involvement in Events on January 6th at U.S. Capitol in Washington D.C. Substantial Reduction of Sentence

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