Case Results

  • Probation and One Year Custody. Avoided Prison.
    Bookkeeper Arrested for Theft of $330,000 From High School

    A longtime bookkeeper for a public high school was arrested for theft of $330,000 and then charged with seven felonies, including embezzlement by a public officer, grand theft, forgery, and money laundering. Because of the large dollar amount of the loss, the bookkeeper faced many years in prison after approximately two years of negotiations with the prosecutor’s office, we were able to resolve the bookkeeper’s case for probation and one year in custody.

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  • Probation & House Arrest
    Office Manager Accused of Grand Theft and Embezzlement
    Office Manager Accused of Grand Theft and Embezzlement

    An office manager was accused of grand theft and embezzlement of approximately $55,000 from her employer. A subsequent background investigation revealed that the office manager was previously involved in a $3-million real-estate scam for which she was convicted and sentenced to 10 years in prison — we were able to resolve the office manager’s new case for probation and house arrest.

  • Reduced Prison Time
    Possession of $500,000 In Cash With Intent To Purchase Cocaine

    Our client and others arranged the purchase of approximately $500,000 worth of cocaine from an individual. That individual was an undercover Department of Justice police officer. Our client was arrested and the cash was confiscated — Saved 8 years of state prison.

  • Probation and house arrest. Avoided prison.
    Possession of 640 lbs. of Marijuana with Intent to Sell
    During the raid of a house, law enforcement arrested 4 individuals. Our client was arrested for possessing approximately 640 lbs. of marijuana with intent to sell. After lengthy negotiations with the District Attorney’s office, our client was sentence to probation and 120 days of house arrest.
  • Reduced to Speeding Ticket
    Reckless Driving Resulting in Car Rollover

    Young adult was charged with reckless driving after the car he was allegedly racing crashed and rolled over— the reckless driving charge was reduced to speeding ticket.

  • All Felonies Dismissed
    Registered Nurse Arrested for 5 Felonies. Nurse Was Married To Captain in Armed Forces, Whose Security Clearance Was At Stake

    Registered Nurse was charged with 5 felony counts including obtaining prescription medication by fraud, burglary and identity theft. The Nurse was married to a Captain in one of the Armed Forces. Any felony conviction would have resulted in the loss of the Nurse's license and the Captain losing his security clearance, thus ending his career — All felony charges were dismissed and plead to one misdemeanor with probation and drug treatment.