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Violation of California Health and Safety Code

Drug crimes in California are a very serious crime. Possession of any controlled substance and/or paraphernalia that assists in the consumption or selling of the substance can result in large fines and lengthy imprisonments.

For example, California Health and Safety Code section 11378 outlines that any person, who is found guilty of possessing meth with the intent to sell, can be fines up to $10,000 and imprisoned for up to 3 years. Whether you have been caught with a small possession of marijuana or accused of major drug trafficking, you still have the right to retain legal counsel and seek an attorney.

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In California, drugs are classified by schedules. Schedule I is considered a highly dangerous narcotic, while Schedule II is a slightly less dangerous drug and Schedule III is even lower.

Of course, a felony charge for possession of a substance such as meth, cocaine or heroin will carry much harsher penalties than a marijuana possession. However, possession for sell of marijuana in California is still very illegal and although treated less severally than other controlled substances, it could still land you probation, jail and high fines.

Types of Drug related Arrest in California

Intent to sell a drug is an even more serious crime than a simple possession. Large amounts of the substance, packaging materials, scales and high amounts of cash could all mean that you are selling or distributing drugs. This is a crime that should not be taken lightly.

A Murrieta criminal defense lawyer can benefit your case by thoroughly investigating all causes that led the police to your arrest. Often times, the police and other law enforcement authorities use faulty evidence, wrongful accusations and illegitimate search warrants to enter any property and execute an arrest.

An attorney can gather enough evidence to often times reduce charges against your or even acquit you in some cases. If anything, a reliable lawyer can try to help you secure a drug treatment program in lieu of incarceration.

How Can a Criminal Lawyer Help?

If you have been arrested or charged with a drug offense in Temecula, Murrieta, Wildomar, Menifee, Lake Elsinore, Hemet, Banning, Perris, Corona, Winchester or Riverside, the first step is to contact an experienced and effective criminal defense attorney. We are ready to help.

Since 1999, our office has successfully represented numerous individuals facing drug charges. We understand that besides the possible loss of your freedom, a felony conviction for a narcotics charge can also have serious consequences for future employment opportunities. Don't jeopardize your future by hiring an inexperienced attorney.

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