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If you are charged with robbery, you could be facing anywhere from two to nine years in prison, extensive fines, and other consequences. Though it can be challenging to defend robbery charges, you can be confident that the Murrieta robbery crime lawyer, Nic Cocis, is prepared to stand up for your rights.

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What is considered robbery?

Essentially, robbery is considered any theft that involves force or fear to obtain another's property or belongings. The prosecution has to prove certain elements of robbery in order to convict a defendant of this charge.

  • The following must be present for it to be considered a robbery crime:
  • Personal property was taken from another's possession
  • The victim was immediately present for the crime
  • The property was taken against the individual's will and through fear or force
  • The defendant intended to take the property away in order to deprive the owner of its value

However, other similar crimes can also be seen as robbery, such as breaking into a house to steal property while people are there, resulting in the use of threats or force to take property. In other situations, an individual may be caught in the act by the owner of the property, causing them to use threats of physical harm to get out of the situation. While an individual did not intend to use physical force, they will now face elevated charges.

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