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White Collar Crimes in Murrieta

Illegal Monetary Gain

The term "white collar" is an outdated term referencing the white shirt collars of business professionals. However, the term is appropriate for the following list of crimes because they generally encompass any nonviolent crimes that are committed typically within a business setting by an individual for monetary gain.

Embezzlement involves the unlawful taking of property (usually money) by a person who is in a position of trust. Some common scenarios include the illegal writing of checks (even if they are from your own company), taking cash sums from registers or bookkeeping schemes. If you have been accused or are being investigated of embezzlement, contact a top attorney today.

Fraud is the illegal forging of any document for personal monetary gain. You could be accused of fraud if you have illegal signed someone else's name, deception of government taxes or insurance fraud to receive high compensations.

Bribery is the illegal offering or accepting of cash or valued goods to another individual to receive a particular outcome in a situation. Bribery charges can be filed against the briber or the accepter of the bribes.

Charged with counterfeiting? Counterfeiting is the illegal falsification of documents. You can be charged with this offense if you have illegally replicated a government seal, educational records or currency. This is a serious offense that requires an experienced attorney to help defend your rights.

You could be charged with forgery if you have illegally altered a written document, such as signing someone else's name, editing a will or grant deed, with intent to defraud. This offense can be charged as a theft crime.

Because of their complex nature, these crimes can sometimes be difficult to prosecute. These types of crimes are charged as either a misdemeanor or a felony, depending on the accusations that are against you.

Typically, people who commit these crimes are business-minded people or entrepreneurs. These crimes can be prosecuted at a state level or a federal level, depending on the amount of money that was alleged to have been taken. Although these crimes still carry a lesser penalty than a violent crime, you still could be facing fines, restitution, a criminal record and sometimes prison time. On occasion, if a fraudulent operation has been occurring for an extended period of time, the case may end up being filed in a federal court.

Defending Your Rights with a Knowledgeable Criminal Lawyer

White collar crime investigations can take months and sometimes years to gather enough evidence to prosecute an individual. Bank & bookkeeping records, phone & email records, company & salary statements are sometimes need to be gathered in order to accuse someone of a white collar crime. The evidence is often tricky to collect because of various search warrants that must be executed, but when an investigation is conducted properly, charges such as money laundering, fraud, grand theft and embezzlement may be leveled against an individual.

If you are under investigation, or know that an investigation is imminent, now is the time to contact an experienced and professional white collar crime defense lawyer. Since 1999, we have successfully represented numerous individuals from the Riverside County cities of Temecula, Murrieta, Wildomar, Menifee, Lake Elsinore, Hemet, Banning, Perris, Corona, Winchester and Riverside.

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