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Accepting or Giving Money for a Particular Outcome

Have you been accused of commercial bribery? California Penal Code Section 641.3 prohibits the exchange of anything of value or any promise of undertaking that is asked of, given, taken or accepted with corrupt influence. Commercial bribery applies to people who are trying to bribe an employee of a company to end something in their favor, or the employee who is accepting the bribe.

Commercial bribery is a serious crime that could land you with severe penalties. As a misdemeanor it is punishable by up to 12 months in jail, while as a felony, it carries a sentence of up to 3 years of imprisonment.

Bribes against public officials carry the highest penalties. Public officials are defined as law enforcement officers, attorneys, coroners, politicians, councilmen, judges, jurors or witnesses. Any apparent bribe to these public officials can carry enhanced imprisonment or jail times, fines and the receiving party may be forced out of the position of power.

Are you under investigation?

If you are under investigation or if you feel that a criminal investigation of commercial bribery is imminent, there a few things you should know. Defense for these accusations is possible. There is always a way that an experienced attorney can lend value to your case. You do not have to speak with any officials or answer any questions pertaining to your investigation until you speak with a Murrieta fraud defense lawyer.

Criminal Defense Lawyer Fighting for You

An experienced criminal attorney can build a defense case to aid in your charges. Perhaps the bribe was a misunderstanding that was perceived as a criminal act by a bystander? Maybe you were intoxicated or maybe there was an apparent mistake. A joke or a spur of the moment comment can be perceived as a bribe. Regardless of the circumstances in which led up to your charge, it is important that you contact a Murrieta fraud defense attorney who can fully evaluate your case and help you build a sound foundation to acquit you or reduce your charges of bribery.

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