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Embezzlement Defense in Murrieta

Have you been accused of embezzlement? According to California Penal Code section 503, embezzlement is the dishonest act of withholding assets or obtaining money under a false pretense by an individual who is in a position of trust.

Examples of embezzlement could be writing a check in your name from an employer, withdrawing small amounts of cash from a register at closing, improper use of a company credit card or taking large amounts of cash over a period of time through a bookkeeping scheme. You could also be charged with embezzlement for transferring stocks or bonds illegally into your own name. In addition to embezzlement, various other charges such as fraud and grand theft may be leveled against an individual.

If you have been arrested for embezzlement, or are under investigation for embezzlement, now is the time to contact an experienced and aggressive Murrieta criminal defense lawyer.

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If you are being falsely accused of bedazzlement, there are numerous court-recognized defenses that could be used to help fight for your case. Our goal is to have your case dismissed as quickly as possible.

On the other hand, if the evidence is overwhelming that you have committed embezzlement and fraud, our law firm is skilled in helping you avoid a lengthy sentence. In such a situation, the prosecutor's main concern is that the victim is compensated for their losses. We can work towards setting up a payment plan that both the prosecutor and the court will accept.

Since 1999 the Law Office of Nic Cocis has provided the best defense for clients charged with embezzlement in the Temecula, Murrieta, Menifee, Wildomar, Lake Elsinore, Hemet, Banning, Perris, Corona, Winchester and Riverside, California, areas. With an in-depth understanding of the unique concerns related to white collar crimes, Nic Cocis is often able to help clients avoid jail time, helping them stay with their family and finding a renewed future.

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