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Forgery Charges in Murrieta

California Penal Code 470 - 483.5 covers all the laws that govern forgery in the state. Forgery occurs when an individual intentionally alters or creates a written document with intent to defraud. The state recognizes forgery as a white collar crime but also as a theft crime.

Many people assume that forgery comes in the form of simply signing someone else's name onto a document, but in reality, it encompasses much more of this. Counterfeit seals or falsifying documents such as unemployment records or legal documentation or notarized document can be considered forgery.

Even signing your name on your own check, when you know that funds are unavailable, could be considered forgery. Forgery carries serious penalties such as probation, restitution, jail or prison time, community service and upwards of $10,000 fines.

What can a criminal defense attorney do for me?

If you have been charged in California with a forgery crime, you have rights. Although this nonviolent crime is still just that, a crime, you do not have to be treated as a terrible criminal. If you had no intent to defraud someone, you could be acquitted or have your charges reduced. A good example of a "no intent to defraud" situation would be signing a spouse's name to a check that was used for a mutual expense. Another defense could be that you are completely innocent.

Many times, various elements can cause a signature to appear false, leading someone to assume that the documents may be forged. A handwriting expert and an attorney can help prove your innocence. Counterfeiting a document, forging any information on a written document or any other variation of a white collar crime can have very serious consequences. If you are under investigation or will soon be under investigation, it is necessary to call a Murrieta criminal defense lawyer today to discuss all your options. The sooner you get in touch with a lawyer, the sooner they can start working on defending your case.

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