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Fraud Charges in Murrieta

Deception and Falsifying

Since 1999 the Law Office of Nic Cocis, has provided experienced and assertive defense representation for clients charged with fraud and theft-related crimes in the Temecula, Murrieta, Wildomar, Menifee, Lake Elsinore, Hemet, Perris, Banning, Corona, Winchester and Riverside, California, areas.

  • Fraud typically falls under three main categories:
  • Governmental fraud
  • Consumer fraud
  • Employee fraud

Government fraud involves some deceptive practice in order to obtain government services (e.g. welfare fraud) or the falsification of tax returns to minimize how much money is owed to the government. Insurance fraud, such as reporting injuries that were not present after an accident in order to gain insurance relief, can be considered consumer fraud. Employee fraud is when an individual defrauds their workplace or employer, such as embezzling money or giving fake employee record documents.

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Fraud is a serious charge. It is sometimes prosecuted together with various other theft charges, such as grand theft and embezzlement. If you are found guilty and convicted, your sentence will depend on the amount of money taken, the number of victims and the sophistication of the fraud.

California Penal Code 186.11 states that any white collar crime, such as fraud, can be enhanced to an "aggravated white collar crime", which may make the sentencing you are facing much harsher. If you are being charged with fraud you could face jail time, fines, restitution to the victim or accusing parties and community service time.

Remember, you are always innocent until you are proven otherwise. A criminal law attorney will be able to gather evidence to prove your innocence or reduce your charges. By seeking the counsel of an experienced and professional white collar crimes attorney, you will be giving yourself the edge up you may need in your case.

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