Husband of 'Real Housewife' Teresa Giudice Facing Tax Fraud Allegations

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As our readers may have heard, Teresa Giudice, the star of "The Real Housewives of New Jersey" and her husband, Joe, were recently charged with 39 counts of financial misconduct. Federal authorities allege that for several years, the two inflated their income so that they could look better on loan applications.

More relevant to this blog: Joe Giudice allegedly did not file tax returns between 2004 and 2008, a period in which he may have earned as much as $1 million. Alleged tax fraud like that is a very serious offense indeed. If the Giudices are found guilty, they could each spend as long as 50 years in prison. Joe, who was born in Italy, might also be deported. Clearly, the possible ramifications of this alleged financial misconduct are very great indeed. Authorities do not take crimes like those the Giudices are accused of lightly, to put it mildly.

We don't have much interest in this story because of the Giudices' celebrity. What we're interested in here is the tax fraud angle.

As a criminal defense law office, we have helped individuals after an IRS audit got them in trouble. Because of this, we know that many people who face problems with tax authorities did not set out intending to do wrong. In some cases, people erroneously think one little omission or fudged figure won't make a difference. In others, people fully intend to go back and set things right once their financial picture improves, but that picture never does get better or authorities blow the whistle before there is a chance to attempt to amend an earlier mistake.

What we are getting at is that not every instance of apparent tax problems is the result of someone being greedy or hard-hearted. Because the Giudices were, shall we say, on "The Real Housewives," people seem to love to vilify them. We don't know them personally, but we do think that they ought to be given a chance to defend themselves before the court of public opinion delivers its verdict.

If you are facing tax crime allegations, it might be in your best interest to retain a criminal defense attorney. A lawyer who regularly helps people with tax matters will likely have the savvy, knowledge and familiarity with tax laws and IRS procedure that you need to secure a just and fair outcome.

As you search for an attorney, make sure you communicate your goals very clearly. That way, you and your chosen lawyer can work together in an effort to reach the conclusion that you believe you deserve.

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