Study: Males Can Be Coerced Into Having Sex Too But Does It Rise To A Sex Offense? Temecula, Murrieta, Hemet Criminal Law Attorney

It may seem counterintuitive to suppose that teenage boys, filled with raging hormones as they are, could ever be coerced into having sex. But the Daily Beast, quoting an academic study, reports that 43 percent of high school boys and young college men report having been coerced into having sex, 95 percent with females.

Except in rare cases, sexual coercion of men and boys is more psychological. An example would be the well reported instances of older, female teachers seducing their young students, the age and power difference being a form of coercion.

Also, contrary to what Hollywood would tell us, boys and young men do not want to have sex all the time. Some are not willing to have sex for moral or religious reasons. Some will be put off by a sexually aggressive female; traditionally it has always been the male who initiates sexual intercourse. Some are socially awkward or shy. Sometimes the situation is just not right, the female may not be all that attractive to the male or something else about the setting is a buzz kill.

Because of stereotypes about sex, the psychological implications of males being forced for have sex by aggressive females is something that is not well understood because it has not been studied. Females can suffer long term psychological trauma because of sexual coercion. It is the same for males and if so to what extent? And more importantly can it rise to the level of a sex offense? That largely depends on the circumstances of the act.

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