For Drug Transportation and Similar Crimes: What Does a Drug Conspiracy Charge Mean for You?

In Long Beach recently, police officers arrested several people for allegedly operating a drug trafficking ring. According to news reports, among the charges they now face is "conspiring to distribute narcotics."

What does a conspiracy to commit a drug crime mean?

There are a variety of drug crimes on the books, including drug possession and drug transportation. In addition to the crimes themselves, it's also possible to face charges for conspiring or planning to commit them.

For example, if two or more people conspire to distribute or transport a certain drug, they don't actually need to carry out the crime or complete it successfully. The prosecutor just needs to prove that they agreed to commit the crime and that the individuals involved took steps towards planning or preparing for it.

What kinds of evidence can prosecutors bring against you for drug conspiracy charges?

The evidence prosecutors might use against you includes the following:

  • You made an agreement with another person (or people) to participate in the crime. This includes both verbal and written agreements.
  • You might have started plotting the logistics of the crime, such that there are written plans or other pieces of evidence demonstrating your preparations.
  • Maybe you made purchases related to the commission of the crime; for instance, you might have bought containers to transport the illegal drugs.

Why do you need an attorney?

Whatever evidence prosecutors bring against you, you need strong legal representation for a drug conspiracy charge. If you're found guilty of a drug conspiracy charge, you can serve the same amount of time as you would have for actually committing the crime. That could mean decades in prison.

One of the defenses your attorney can use is to demonstrate that you weren't aware of any plot to commit a drug crime and that your seemingly suspicious actions were reasonable and made innocently. Another defense might be that you had a change of mind and you took certain steps to withdraw from the conspiracy.

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