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Marijuana Possession Charges in Murrieta

Cannabis: Illegal in California

Despite the proven medical benefits and its popularity as a recreational drug, marijuana is still illegal. The state of California has gone through many reforms of the marijuana law, and as of January 1, 2011, a possession of as much as one ounce or less is an infraction, punished by a $100 fine. Anything larger than one ounce is considered a misdemeanor under California Health and Safety Code 11357. Various laws pertain to first and second time offenders, allowing them to spend time at a treatment facility in lieu of jail. Vehicle Code enforces specific laws for marijuana found in a moving vehicle as well.

Although some people can legally possess specific amounts of marijuana under California law, those who do not carry a medical cannabis card can be charged with various criminal laws. Like any other controlled substance, if you possess large enough amounts of marijuana with intent to sell, you could be charged with a felony.

  • Other governing laws that are particular to marijuana and varying penalties for possession include:
  • Sale or possession of marijuana to minors
  • Driving under the influence of marijuana
  • Marijuana paraphernalia, including pipes and smoking apparatuses
  • Marijuana in a vehicle

Federal law dictates marijuana as an illegal source under the Controlled Substances Act as well. Due to this fact, medical marijuana patients who hold a valid medical marijuana card in California are not protected on federal land such as federal parks and forests.

Reducing Your Charges with a Qualified Lawyer

If you have been arrested for possession of marijuana or know someone who has, a Murrieta criminal defense attorney can help lower or acquit you of your charges. An attorney may be able to successfully reduce a misdemeanor possession to an infraction or fight to have you serve your jail time in a drug correctional facility. Do not hesitate in contacting an experienced attorney from our law firm if you have been arrested in Riverside County or surrounding areas.

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