A DUI Conviction and Your Job

Your employment or ability to get a quality job can be negatively impacted by a DUI arrest and conviction. In recent years, jobs have become harder to find, and employers sift through tens or even hundreds of job applications to fill a position. Background checks are easily done through the internet, and a large percentage of employers pay for this service to ensure that they do not hire any person with a criminal conviction on their record, including any candidate who could be a risk due to alcohol use. A DUI conviction can be a real deterrent to an employer, even if it is a first time misdemeanor. Generally, an employer could reasonably believe that a DUI conviction means a lack of responsibility, alcohol addiction or other problem. In many cases, the employer is happier to choose that candidate that has a clean criminal record.

One of the most serious ramifications of a DUI conviction is the ability to get a quality job. If you are facing a charge of DUI, even a first time charge, it is important that you find out if there is a viable way to defend against the charge. In many cases, there is. In fact, many people who just pleaded guilty may have been able to have their charges dismissed or achieved an acquittal at trial – but they just took the penalties. If you hope to avoid the hidden costs of a conviction, including the damage to your employment potential, increased insurance rates, fines, court fees, the requirement to attend alcohol treatment classes, community service and jail time, get your case reviewed as early as possible after your arrest. If you call the Law Office of Nic Cocis, you are eligible for a free consultation about your case.

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