Eastvale City Councilors Attempt To Crack Down On Marijuana Cultivation

At a city council meeting in late September, Eastvale city councilors voted 4-1 to adopt a new rental-regulation law that they hope will address the growing problem of unlawful marijuana cultivation.

So far this year, 21 residences have been raided because occupants were growing marijuana.

This prompted city councilors to draft a resolution that requires landlords to register their rental properties as businesses and make them available for inspection. The express hope is that with greater transparency and oversight, it will be harder for people to run marijuana growing operations.

At the meeting, some residents said they objected to what they saw as an intrusion. A spokeswoman for a group that represents landlords said the group's members were opposed to the added expense and hassle of complying with the new regulation.

Here in California, anything having to do with marijuana is complicated.

While residents are able to have a certain amount of marijuana for medical reasons and certain licensed dispensaries are able to sell it, people and businesses that don't have the proper permission are still not allowed to possess it.

In other words, marijuana regulation in California right now is an utter patchwork of hard-to-understand rules and laws. It is not hard at all to see how a person could get confused and run afoul of the law without even realizing it.

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