Attorney Cocis Quoted Regarding Local Judge Sean Lafferty in Daily Journal

With extensive experience in the legal community, Judge Sean Lafferty is known as a good judge who makes himself available to attorneys. He began his career as a career prosecutor and has always had a passion for law, once thinking he would become a police officer. His attention to detail and manner of professionalism that he takes with every case is something that is not always seen, but is very much respected. Judge Lafferty prides himself on working through cases efficiently, but also takes time to answer any and all questions that may present themselves in court.

Attorney Nic Cocis has known Judge Lafferty for about 10 years now. He says that Judge Lafferty is always prepared before a case, having studied all of the case details and knowing every motion prior to meeting in the courtroom. If any attorney shows up late or is ill-prepared, he will always go on second call, according to many.

"He comes across like he really believes in the system itself and the way it's set up," according to Attorney Cocis. He continues on to say that, "I believe he's a genuine guy and he really cares about the people behind the cases. ...You want someone who knows the law but is also sympathetic to the victims and the defendants [in his position.]"

Highly Experienced Murrieta Criminal Lawyer

When facing serious criminal charges, you need a lawyer like Cocis who has a strong relationship with local judges. He knows not only how the judicial system works, but he is familiar with the various judicial figureheads and how they operate.

This can be a definite advantage in your case, as Attorney Cocis always thoroughly prepares before each and every case. Paying close attention to detail and always taking an aggressive approach, Attorney Nic Cocis will work to obtain the best possible result no matter how complex your charges may be.

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