Abortion giant Planned Parenthood is waging a relentless campaign to bankrupt our client Sandra Merritt and put her behind bars.

Not only is the $1.7 billion corporation suing Sandra for $16 million, it also persuaded a San Francisco trial judge to let it join the state of California's criminal prosecution against her!

You won't be surprised to learn that California Attorney General Xavier Becerra welcomes the intervention of Planned Parenthood. He is a hired gun for Planned Parenthood, which has showered him with campaign cash.

Becerra is prosecuting Sandra on 15 criminal felony counts. If convicted, Sandra faces huge fines and years behind bars.

Sandra's alleged "crime" is going undercover to videotape senior Planned Parenthood officials discussing their firm's shocking commerce in the human body parts harvested from babies it kills.

And now, thanks to the Superior Court of San Francisco, the guilty party, Planned Parenthood, is part of the prosecution team! 

What could be more unjust? The court has given private parties with axes to grind the right to unconstitutionally prosecute Merritt!

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